Summer Blues & Noteworthy

I don’t know about you, but I’m still not ready to let go of the Summer mindset. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole back-to-school season-high-energy vibe, and also the holiday season spirit—but it seems like summertime ended too quickly. I love that relaxed overall vibe it gives, the packed beaches [well, no I don’t really] and the chance to kick back some. Plus the weather at the coast has been gorgeous! No complaints there!
Since the workflow ebbs in the Summer months, I took some time to chill from my blogging, newsletters and other social marketing duties. With the exception of Instagram because I am so fond of that platform. I’m sure you didn’t even notice the lack of blog posts or newsletters that came in your inbox from me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to write about or any news to share… I just let it pile up LOL.
With that said, I have some great news to share!
AIGA San Diego
If you didn’t know already, I have been serving on the San Diego chapter of AIGA [the professional association for design] since 2008. I’m a true advocate for what AIGA is and does: creating a greater understanding of the value of design and designers in government, business, and media. It’s my other family, it’s my community—I don’t know where I would be without it. My past role has been mainly event programming and social chair. Because, as a natural planner and organized person, and being known as a social butterfly, I’m good at it—plus I enjoy it.
However, after attending the most recent AIGA National Leadership Retreat in Raleigh, NC, I was inspired to lead our chapter. The retreat provided so much knowledge and skills for running a great chapter that I wanted to implement what I learned and experienced. I drank the Kool-Aid. But in baby steps...  I’m an introvert/extrovert-wannabe. This past June our local chapter met for our retreat where new positions are filled, others come back, and we plan for the upcoming year.
I am happy to announce that I was voted in as Vice President! Scary and exciting all at the same time. But I was ready. I want to grow as a person and as a leader, plus I want our membership to get the most out AIGA that they can, and drink the Kool-Aid like I did!
I’m looking forward to representing at the AIGA National Design Conference in Vegas Oct 17-20 this year! It will be my first national AIGA design conference. I can’t contain my excitement to meet all the big players and leaders in the design industry, plus also see where design is today and where it’s going.
I feel so grown up😃
Mingle Bells
If you haven’t heard of Mingle Bells or attended one of these events, you really ought to know and go! Mingle Bells is the end-of-the year social event where San Diego’s advertising, business communication, marketing, PR, social media and graphic design industries come together to celebrate the holidays. Most of all the related associations in San Diego area work as one to put this event on. And AIGA is no exception. The popularity for this event grows each year and I know I look forward to attending on December 8 at Fluxx.
So this year I decided to get involved personally [and professionally] because I don’t have enough on my plate. Hah hah! I am serving on the planning committee this year and taking on the design of all the graphics [including the MB logo]. It’s what I love to do, and I what I do for my own clients on a regular basis: event/conference collateral branding and design. This year’s theme is vintage tropical - South Pacific style! Aloha! Stay tuned for the design reveal!
I will sleep when I am dead 😃
It is really who you know in the industry that brings about business. I have a good friend who serves on the board for Tech Coast Angels - San Diego [TCA-SD] as the Vice President of Marketing/PR. She used to have her own design agency where I had  freelanced for way back in the early 2000s. And then became good friends [that happens for me a lot]. She’s an entrepreneur at heart and it’s exciting and impressive to see what she does next. The good news for me is that she always comes back to me for design work, or refers me to start-ups she meets. It's because of our history working together—and knowing that I am a top-notch designer who goes above and beyond designing. I am part of the whole experience with my clients.
I digress.
This year my friend is chairing TCA-SD’s annual Quick Pitch [QP] event, in it’s 10th year anniversary. Quick Pitch is where 10 business finalists pitch to an audience and a panel of 10 judges for a chance to win big money and business services from sponsors. And guess who has created all the graphics for the event? Yep, me. We have spent the last two months designing the brand, e-blasts, event-program handout, signage, banners, name badges, video and powerpoint presentation. It’s a lot of moving parts and constant changes—in fact we just got word that one of the finalists dropped out and the event is this Thursday Oct 6! Exciting times, folks!
Since I donated my time for designing the event-program handout [I did get paid for all the other components, don’t you fret], I’m an official sponsor of Quick Pitch 2016! Which means creating an ad for the event-program handout because the sponsors get an ad. I haven’t created an ad for my business since my relaunch in 2006! Yikes. I’ve rebranded a few times over, and really honed in my brand back in 2014 - but never did “advertising”. So while it wasn’t a challenge to design something, it was a challenge deciding on what was the most important information was to display in a 3x5 ad space. I’m a firm believer of less is more, and that visuals speak loudly.
dezinegirl creative studio ad - 3.75x5
As a sponsor, my logo has also been included in all of their e-blasts, and on the QP website (plus on the event signage on the day of). So far no one has reached out to me for work because of my presence there. But I’m waiting for the day of the event to see what happens. The TCA-SD board is extremely pleased and impressed with my work and services. So I have a good feeling they will retain me for future projects and Quick Pitches! It’s the most exposure my business has had.
Am I ready for that success? I hope so!