I'm Still Here - It's My Anniversary


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I didn't even realize it's been 14 years since I moved to San Diego and started my freelancing debut, until I got messages from my contacts on LinkedIn wishing me a Happy Anniversary today. I guess you get to a point where you stop counting? Or maybe I've just been too busy to notice?

Either way, I'm noticing now and sharing the celebration... quietly. And I say quietly because it's a quiet rainy work day. A nice, gentle rain is falling, the cat is asleep, I have a small lull in projects and emails are only trickling in today. It's a sweet change from the busyness of the past 2 months. 

I've written about my journey of my career before, so I won't bore you with that again. But I do want to say that a lot has changed over 14 years. Even in the last 2 years. I have focus, direction, goals, and really know what I want when it comes to clients, projects, and yes, money! My keyword for 2015 was ABUNDANCE... mostly of income, but in general, the abundance of what was missing in my life before.

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However, I didn't really start “feeling” blessed with abundance until late Summer when I changed my thinking about money, the ebb and flow of being a solo creative, and the unknown. I've been reading Regina Brett's books for the last 2 years, and they are chockfull of her wisdom from her life experience as a journalist and being a breast cancer survivor. She inspired me with each chapter.

When I started falling in love with the unknown, embracing the ebb of work knowing that the flow will be back, changing my thoughts to “I'm ok, God always provides”, and trusting Him 100%, things shifted. Life shifted from darkness to light. And that's when the abundance started flowing in. It's amazing what your mind, your thoughts are capable of. The power of thought.

I digress.

14 years later, after bouncing around from freelancing, gigs, and part time jobs, with the last 2 years of truly focusing on dezinegirl creative studio—being a solo creative—I'm still here. 

This year's keyword is FAITH & TRUST. Okay that 's two words, but they go together just like peanut butter and jelly.