Fall in Love with the Unknown


These words have been stuck in my head since Anton & Irene gave their fascinating and creative presentation this past summer for AIGA San Diego. Their journey from being creative directors at a well-known Manhattan agency to starting their own studio in Brooklyn is an incredible one.

Their desire to be more hands-on kind of designers is what motivated them to go out on their own, into unknown territory. They've made mistakes and they've made it big time. And they're not afraid to spend months on their own projects when the inspiration hits.

Anton and Irene have accepted that when the famine comes, it's only temporary until the feasting comes. They have learned to go with the flow, because life does ebb and flow—that is guaranteed.

Falling in love with the unknown is not easy. It is something I strive for, but requires ultimate surrender every day. The unknown is scary for me and for most anyone. I'm a planner, so I like to know what's ahead so I can be prepared.

But that's just not the way life works.

I find that when I let go of the fear of the unknown...really let go...I have more peace. Letting go and accepting the unknown doesn't mean that things won't fall apart, because they will. But they will also get put back together again.

The unknown can be exciting if you put the right perspective on it. It keeps life interesting, that is for sure.

It can also be a time of lessons learned, faith strengthened, developing character through perseverance and patience.

Whatever comes your way, it's meant to be part of your journey.

So, falling in love with the unknown doesn't have to be scary.