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The Leadership SPA

Over the past several years I have designed my fair share of conference branding and materials for various clients {which I love to do}, but not too often do I get to attend them. However, last November I had the privilege to attend one that my client was hosting. This amazing conference is The Leadership SPA {Smart Power Academy}—a vision founded by Will Marré and hosted by his wonderful team. LEARN MORE >

I had a strong desire to go to the SPA because the workbook/journal I created for it was so chock-full of incredible wisdom and leadership guidance, plus contained interesting discovery exercises that I wanted to be involved with.

By attending this conference, I knew it would also help me understand the diagrams I created for it more than just a design interpretation of words. This lead me to realize that I should attend any conference I design materials for to get a greater understanding of my clients. Granted not all of them are local, so that would be a financial challenge.

The Leadership SPA  Workbook
It’s not what you think… yes, we did have yoga classes and enjoyed yummy spa-like meals on the 32nd floor of the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego with a sweeping views of the bay area, but it actually was 2-1/2 days of training women executives on how to become Smart Power women leaders—bringing career clarity, leadership confidence and a commitment to grow—making a difference while enjoying a work-life balance.
The thought-provoking, interactive program was designed to greatly improve women's leadership effectiveness and opportunities for growth. It even went beyond that to define their T.R.U.E. Power {Talent, Rewards, Evolve, Uniqueness} to “SuperCharge their Career” and “Work Like a Genius”.  As Will stated, “TRUE” work strengthens your life force — it turns your natural ability and passion into value for others. People who create [new] value are always in demand {it’s our responsibility to create value}. Our passions are what makes us, our life, interesting! When you are clear on what you want or don't want, your life will change. BAM!
Work like a Genius
I’m one of the fortunate ones to have known my career desires early in life; being born gifted with creative genes. Going through the workbook exercises affirmed my path as a designer, but also gave me insight in how to better manage my life/work balance. As a solopreneuer, you pretty much work every day - even for an hour or two – your business is always on your mind. The “Work Like a Genius” graphic breaks down the the day when certain activities are best for certain times. Of course, not everyone can follow this exactly, but it's a good model to refer back to when life gets hectic.
The Leadership SPA was the pilot conference for others to come, and not just in San Diego! Stay tuned to the website, and sign up for Will’s amazing newsletters full of insight, wisdom and resources - designed just for us women! I am so blessed to have a client who wants to empower women, who truly understands and cares what it takes to be a working woman. Make Your Difference!