Working with Brand Guidelines for Infographics

My last 3 infographics for have not been a total creative freedom for the design. But I LOVE infographics, so I gladly take on any and all. For these last few projects I have had to strictly follow their brand guidelines for the fonts, colors and types of graphics and icons. While I do like following brand guidelines because it provides limitations and boundaries {sometimes too much freedom can cause a creative block}, it can sometimes prove challenging when it doesn't fall within my design aesthetics. Or when I know nothing about the product/service the infographic is based on, it calls for intense research and deep analysis and strategic execution.

I tend to wonder if I can actually design something I am satisfied with, as well as hit the target for my client...but  when it is completed, I surprise myself with a delightful outcome. This Hitachi Data Systems Infographic was one of those challenges: strict brand guidelines, and I had absolutely no idea what the product is or does! But lookie here! It's a thing of beauty!

Hitachi Data Systems - Reduce Your TCO