Polygon Crush

I’m a huge fan of geometric shapes, especially when it comes to design. I sucked at Geometry class in high school, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love them in my designs. There’s something so soothing about a circle, or the coolness factor of the clean lines of a square - both have wonderful symmetry too, which I tend to be attracted to. However, my latest geometric crush are polygonal designs made from triangles, which I discovered is based off  “Triangulation” invented by the mathematician Boris Delaunay in 1934. It just goes to prove that what's old is still new :)

Colored triangles that form polygonal designs.

And my crush is right on trend! The latest craze in graphic design that started in 2013 is colored triangle [polygon] backgrounds. Combined with reversed out typography, they are proving to be a great design element across web, digital and print.

It’s amazing to see the polygons change in dimension just by color choices juxtaposed — and with certain shades of colors and altering the sizes or shape of the triangles can transform the 2D shape into the appearance of 3D. Adding drop shadows within the triangle can also give the background another kind of dimension! How cool is that? The textures and patterns are endless!

This guy {Andy Gilmore} takes it to the next level with master creations of kaleidoscopic and hypnotic art he sells as prints, on clothing and even products such as a ruler!

The Ghostly Ruler by Andy Gilmore

I discovered my love of polygon background art when I got my new iPhone 5S last September. The phone has a variety of wallpaper selections utilizing the polygraphic style. It was love at first sight! So then, when I was creating my NYE pinspiration last year, I came across some polygon artwork on Shutterstock. I just had to have it and use it in my NYE pinspiration. I used it again for my Valentines pinspiration too! :) Since then, Shutterstock's library of polygonal art and design has doubled, if not tripled!

And the trend continued to grow this year, and I saw it more and more, everywhere…and now Starbucks latest coffee packaging is beautifully designed with colored polygons.

Starbucks' new coffee and packaging with polygonal design.

Low-poly design has recently become popular—in which  photos are converted into polygonal artwork. There are a number of apps and scripts out there than can do the labor for you, which produces stunning results! WebCreatorBox discovered Triangulator and their blogpost shows multiple images of how it can be used and applied to designs in websites and artwork. Ah-mazing!!  DesignYouTrust blog features an app for the iPad, Poly™,  that lets you to draw with points and turn pictures into geometric array of colors. The fun is endless!

Poly ™ - Polygon Art for iPad

I think it's time for me to create a Pinterest board just for this type of design style, don't you think? ENJOY!