Charitable Giving

Can you believe that next week we will be in the month of March already? Wasn't it just Christmas, or is this just me feeling time slipping by so fast? As I was working on some current projects for my client, International Bipolar Foundation, I had to default to a holiday infographic I created for them for reference. It made me realize that we shouldn't promote charitable giving only during the holidays, but throughout the year. And we should be giving throughout the year as well! My best way of giving is of my talents - designers are starving artists for real, so monetary giving isn't always possible.

Currently, I'm working on some pro-bono projects for two separate fundraisers - one is for International Bipolar Foundation and the other is for a nonprofit I served on the board for 5 years, Young Audiences of San Diego.

Most nonprofit organizations lack in the area of design help because a majority of their income is through grants and donations, so they cannot afford to hire agencies. I wish I could offer my services pro-bono all the time!

In any case, I wanted to share the holiday infographic to inspire giving year-round. Here's hoping IBPF will want an infographic for just that!

Give the gift of health.  ©dezinegirl creative studio