Regardless of whether your boutique shop is online or a brick & mortar, your business needs brand loyalty from your customers. That's smart ROI.

You know probably already know that your brand must speak to your tribe to attract them. But did you know that you also need to create a brand experience to retain them [brand loyalty]? 

A brand experience is what your customers perceive during their shopping experience with your business. Did they easily find what they were looking for? Do they think they got a good deal? Were they happy with the attention they got, or didn't get? Does your store environment or website reflect your brand style? Is your e-commerce website easy to navigate, view and purchase items?

What customers feel during and after their shopping experience with your business can create this brand loyalty. If they feel good about their purchase and overall, they most likely will come back for more. Otherwise you might not see them again or receive negative feedback in the reviews.

Besides great pricing, products and attention, there's more ways you can elevate your customer's shopping experience.

One simple solution with a variety of options, is connecting to your customers through something tangle. Think paper! Printed matter is memorable and lasting, and humans are tactile beings.

Here are a few things you can do with paper:

  1. Create a custom, branded hangtag to put on your products. Print the hangtags, using letterpress, onto beautiful, soft paper that will create a luxe feel. Or use metallic inks, foils, or spot gloss coating on a budget-friendly paper stock to still produce that luxe effect. There are endless options!

  2. Try stickers or buttons with clever copy and eye-catching graphics [you might want to hire a creative person for that]. Put those on your wrapping, in the bag/box, or at checkout.

  3. Make your shopping bags, tissue paper, and boxes a bit more special by adding your branding, a unique choice of paper and color to go the extra mile.

  4. An idea that is small but mighty is what's called a Leave Behind – something to put in a shopping bag or shipping box. Create a tiny booklet or postcard that shares your brand’s message, website, social media – along with some added discount perk to bring them back. [Again, you will probably want to hire a creative person for that] 

These little attention to details are what can make your customer feel special and keep them wanting to come back. Or even better, they share their shopping experience with the social media world - that’s FREE marketing for you!

With the low cost of on-demand digital printing, and a wide variety of papers and inks, it’s an affordable way to build brand loyalty.

This is totally my wheelhouse and I would love to help!

Let’s collaborate and discuss how we can make that happen together!

Image credit: Unsplash I M PRISCILLA