Don't stop dreaming! Because sometimes dreams do come true, and when you least expect them. 

Two weeks ago I was awarded the branding design campaign for a new luxury boutique resort in BELIZE!!!! Oh yes, you read that right! I am still in disbelief because this is something I would write about in my journals over the years – how I would love to work with hotels and resorts to add to my hospitality clientele.

And here is more mind-blowing info: the owners of the resort searched for a brand designer/agency for 3 months, all over the world! It came down to me and a firm in Switzerland. I thought for sure they would rather work with a creative team than an independent designer for something this grand. But their reasoning was that while the Swiss folks offered things I didn't and I offered things the firm didn't, it came down to pricing. 

Not music to my ears, but the owners said that they didn't think it made sense to pay more for something when both of us provided the same value, talent and style. A firm charges more because they have a bigger overhead. I can see that. I am just thrilled to have their faith and trust. I was born to do this!

I know you are wondering how the heck did I get hooked up with such a desirable client? That, my friend, comes from a referral. Someone I had the pleasure of getting to know while we volunteered together for a couple of non-profits several years ago. She is a dear friend I don't get to see because of distance and crazy busy lives. Yet, she still thinks of me for lifestyle branding. Wow.

So! The past week I worked on the Brand Image Style Boards - an important step in the process because it sets the tone and direction for the brand development. I love doing style boards! My presentation to them is this coming Tuesday via video chat since the owners live in Texas. 

I do hope for a meeting in Belize some day soon!