Annual reports don’t have to be stuffy, corporate or boring looking. Take this newly-designed report I did for International Bipolar Foundation for example. IBPF’s mission, in summary, is improving understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder.

While there are positive, successful results from their efforts, bipolar disorder is not a pleasant subject to work with. The design challenge was to make it warm and uplifting as possible, and at the same time, present information, facts and figures that donors, and even the public, need to know about the past year in a professional, clean style.

We’ve been working on this annual impact report since February [it takes time to gather all the data and content from the previous year], and I am happy to finally share the design with you all! It was such a pleasure to collaborate on this with my client.

For the last 6 years International Bipolar Foundation has been an important client for Joie Luxe Design. That’s pretty amazing considering the change of hands the organization has been through [it is a non-profit after all]. And in that time frame, IBPF’s branding has transitioned twice. I came onboard when they had just rebranded the first time in 2013.

IBPF is a San Diego-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder, and provides programs free-of-charge to the public. I’ve learned quite a bit about bipolar disorder from working on all their event collateral and brochures. The website is a beast of its own, and for that I provide graphics support and/or art direction.

With their most recent rebranding, IBPF wanted to elevate their brand style in a more refined, clean, professional and minimal fashion. While I was not awarded the logo design [they wanted more designer options to choose from – sad, but I get it], I was however, awarded the design of their 2018 Impact Report – which is similar to an annual report, but more about how IBPF has impacted the community and world.

For the design, all I had to work with was the new logo and a simplified brand guide [logo fonts, colors and imagery]. The rest was up to me. Yaass! My passion! My wheelhouse!

Publication design was the starting point in my career, and I still love it to this day. To begin with this report, I quickly did some rough design/layout sketches and created a pagination chart based on the given content. A pagination chart helps determine where content goes and how many pages it will be, since this will be printed as well as shareable online. 

I researched for just the right images, played with type hierarchy and an extended color palette to create a style board. This was presented to the client for approval before I dove into the design - I like to start in the right direction. This is my tried and trusted process for design projects like this.

And as I started putting it all together in the layout, the design just flowed easily, naturally, into something beautiful and heart-warming, with bite-sized pieces of information that are easy [and fun] to read and digest.

The client comes back with NO design changes! They loved it at the first draft!

So, as a gift to IBPF for their loyalty, I created social media tiles out of the report for them to share on their channels, or on the website when that is redesigned.

This sparks joy. It’s the kind of work for me that is more meaningful, human-centered, and resonates with my purpose: to help make a difference with my God-given talents.

Yes, there are the cheese packaging projects and restaurant menus that I love to do, and those are meaningful to humans too, but in a different - but good - way.

IBPF REPORT_social share_COVER.jpg
IBPF REPORT_social share_PAGES.jpg
IBPF REPORT_social share_SPREAD.jpg