Joie Luxe Design is a boutique design studio dedicated to helping lifestyle brands grow and flourish. With a passion for meaningful design, we’re expert creatives with a diverse range of talent and capabilities that can help elevate your brand and make a difference, in your business and in your community.


Every business has a unique story behind it and we want to tell yours!

Designers are storytellers by nature – we know how to develop an authentic voice and image that reflects your vision and vibe, plus clearly communicates the message of your brand identity. We’ll captivate the right tribe and produce desired results for your business.


Whether your brand’s mission is for the common good of humanity – or provides a product or service that enhances our daily lives – this is the heart of Joie Luxe Design. We not only care about the brand behind your business, but also about the lives it affects – it’s Design that Matters.

print. web. MOBILE. digital.

We’ve got you covered. Every touchpoint is carefully considered and strategically planned with our Design Process. From the initial brand discovery, to the implementation of every design component, to final deliverables and the exciting launch, we work together in partnership with you, for you.

Let’s transform and grow your brand together!  

Pam and I have worked together since 2006 on a variety of projects including branding initiatives, presentation development, package design, marketing collateral and conference materials. In 2016 & 2017 Pam was the vision behind the branding for the San Diego Tech Coast Angels Quick Pitch competition, and handled the project with leadership beyond what I have experienced with any other designer. Pam is very educated on the latest design techniques, she is incredibly organized, and a team player on all projects. She takes the time to walk you through the process to understand the intended use in order to create the best results. Pam’s work is always delivered on-time and in-budget, and she is not only an amazing designer, but is also educated in business acumen.
— Amy Vavrunek, Advisor to Start-up Companies


From start-ups to franchises to major brands, we thrive on working with restaurants, hotels, consumer products, wellness organizations, PR & marketing firms, technology companies, bioscience, entrepreneurs, mentors, and more.


Joie Luxe Design is located in San Diego, a beautiful happy place to live and do what we love to do for the past 17 years! We are a team of seasoned professionals in various disciplines to provide expert care for every touchpoint your business needs.


Journaling is an important and essential tool in business, and in life, and sometimes what comes out of that is a blog post. This is where you'll find some relatable insight into the design industry, featured projects, and our own storytelling of our journey.


Lifestyle brands influence how we create our living and enjoy our daily lives, where we eat, shop, hang out, or take care of ourselves. Joie Luxe Design has specialized in this niche for over a 17 years and is what we thrive on.  

Whether you are an emerging business, or an existing one needing a refresh, smart design makes for good business. However, you are not alone in this. We work alongside you through a strategic design process to understand your goals and objectives, who you are and what you stand for, who your competition and target audience is, plus the very essence of your brand’s mission.

This process not only shapes a more authentic and unique identity design for your business, but also sets your brand apart from your competition, and properly aligns it for marketing it in the right direction.

I’ve been known to call Pam a DESIGN GURU from time to time :) There are two things to look for when finding someone to carry out your vision: 1) easy to work with and 2) produces amazing results that separate you from the pack 3) really carries out your brand that you are excited to showcase. I highly recommend Pam with her easy going personality and genius use of color, space, typography and layout. She’s an amazing designer, and one that I will continue to look forward to working with.
— April Edwards, Creative Strategist & Designer | Digital Marketing Consultant
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